Board Members

Board members elected for 2017-18

President Shirley Dodding

Vice President Blazej Szpakowicz

Secretary Jeff Bloom

Treasurer Sandra Hyslop

Member-at-large Barbara Balle, Greeter

Member-at-large Elma Schemenauer, Communications Director







  1. Kay Knox

    Blogs intrigue me! A friend is going to help me get one up and running – eventually. Meantime, it is great to have access to this. It is a super way to find out what others in IAG have done and are doing.

  2. I now have a blog: — feel free to visit. I have no idea what I’m doing yet, but that doesn’t stop me from trying!

  3. I am enjoying the camaraderie of the Interior Author’s Group and look forward to learning, growing and sharing at our next meeting!

  4. I enjoyed meeting everyone last night.


  5. Lani

    I would like to get more info on what to expect when I come to the meetings. I am very interested

  6. Fern Hinse

    I met a few of the Interior Authors Group at the Kamloops Writers Fair. You were all gracious and sharing and had exciting books to sell. I enjoyed the fair and was pleased to have discovered your group. I have emailed Wendy to join! Thanks for attending the Writers Fair! I am also a Kamloops Arts Council member. Together, we we all terrific!
    Fern Hinse

  7. I enjoyed meeting Shirley Collins at the Canada Day celebrations. I look forward to visiting the IAG at your first fall session this year.

  8. Wendy Weseen

    I am finally up and running again after the 8 months of sadness and the demand of a life gone sideways. Hope to be at the meeting.

    • Andree

      Dear Wendy,
      I am hoping to reach you soon- I’ve just returned to the Kamloops Library After a leave. Please drop me a line at (250) 372-5145 or



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