Collected Works

Collected Works 2020 – Kamloops Tapestry is available in paperback. Contact one of our Board Members for a copy.

Collected Works 2015 – Black and White is available in paperback or e-book. Contact one of our Board Members for a physical book or buy the kindle e-book here.
Collected Works 2013 – Kaleidoscope
Collected Works 2012 – Away From Home is available for purchase @ $15/book. Please contact one of our Board Members  for a copy
The IAG Collected Works 2011 – Blue River Dark Waters is also for sale for $15/book. Contact one of our Board Members for a copy.


  1. Sylvia

    Congrats on getting Peter Milobar, Mark Madryga an Ben Nuttall-Smith to add their comments to our Collected Works. Great idea!

  2. Dana Ramstedt

    I am thrilled to see our Blue River Dark Waters is on display at this site. It is but a small showing of the talents of the Interior Authors Group members.
    We have a grant from the Kamloops Arts Council so we can go forward with the 2012 addition of our Collected Works.
    I look forward to working with our Collected Works team and all of the contributors.
    Dana Ramstedt
    President, IAG

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