April 2017 IAG meeting highlights

My, what a good Interior Authors Group meeting we had on April 13! Shirley Dodding ran it so well. Highlights of the meeting are too numerous to discuss, but I’ll mention a couple:

1  Lindsay Curry, a very welcome guest, told us about plans for the next Kamloops Writers Festival. It’s happening November 3-5 at the DoubleTree Hotel, 339 St. Paul Street near 3rd Avenue. Watch the website www.kamloopswritersfestival.com for breaking news about this exciting and informative event.

2  Our own Terry [T.D.] Roth gave an excellent presentation on writing creative nonfiction. A few of his main points:

-Creative nonfiction merges the literary styles and techniques of fiction with the factual research of nonfiction. It’s factual writing that reads like fiction.

-The essence of the story must be true, but the author fills in the gaps and provides a fiction-like read.

-A good creative nonfiction story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

-Essential to writing creative nonfiction is research, research, research, and more research.

-Straight factual writing tells what it is. Creative nonfiction tells what it is and what it’s like.

Next meeting May 11, 2017


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