IAG General Meeting January 12, 2017

The deep-freeze didn’t freeze the tongues of local authors and aspiring authors who attended the January 12 meeting of the Interior Authors Group. We heard interesting information from a number of attendees. Here are some highlights:

-Dennis Robertson read his January ditty and told us about winning a Governor General’s award for volunteerism. The Governor General presented it in Edmonton recently.

-Terry Roth showed us the latest edition of his book The Peasant’s Gold. It features North America’s first Chinese mayor, Peter Wing, who was also a mayor of Kamloops. Terry told us how we can use Amazon’s rating system to help each other’s books sell better.

-We had four visitors ranging from a high school student to a businessman born just before the Second World War. They told us a bit about themselves, their writing, and their writing aspirations.

-Barbara Balle and Elma Schemenauer demonstrated how they sold or tried to sell IAG members’ books at the Sahali Mall Visions Market from the end of October to just before Christmas 2016. Terry Roth played the role of a reluctant customer who was eventually persuaded to buy a book. Several other attendees were also persuaded.

-Several attendees read selections from their writing. These ranged from a ghost story, to a story about an unconventional princess, to selections published in the newest anthology published by the Clearwater Writer’s Association. Congrats, Clearwater writers. If you’re interested in this anthology, contact Kay Knox. Her e-mail is kkjjknox(at symbol)hotmail(dot)com.

It was a good meeting. Vice-president Shirley Dodding chaired it. She also took the minutes in the absence of Secretary Jeff Bloom. Acting President Hugh Burton sent informative and encouraging information from Ontario, where he and wife Pat are spending the winter.


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