January 14th 2016 IAG Gen. Mtg.

Interior Authors’ Group                                                        January 14, 2016

General Meeting at 6:30 pm at Chartwell Ridgepointe 1789 Primrose Ct. Kamloops, BC

Mission Statement:  To bring together those persons interested in the art of writing, and all its ancillary functions                                                     including editing, design, illustrating, publishing and promoting (also e-book formatting.)

  • Guests: _____ Members:______Welcome to the Beginning of an Exciting New Year. 


  1. This evening we are planning on entertaining each other by having an open reading session for guests or members that wants to show case what they are presently working on. We will speak about this later.
  2. First, I wish to thank the members who kindly paid forward for Black & White An Anthology. It arrived in paperback, just in time for the last of the season sales of the Farmer’s Market. Once these books are sold, we will have generated enough funds to print another especially since, this TIME we know the ropes and it will be so much easier. Very good cost pricing has been discovered for the next book we write.
  3. Like in our Mission Statement: – writing, editing, designing, illustrating, publishing, printing and now promoting our e-book and paperback copies has been fantastic and fun-filled with stepping-stones for us to be the best author’s group in the Interior of BC.
  4. Especially, with the Schemenauer awards on the table. Please see the Guidelines on Dr. Robert and Elma Schemenauer’s website http://elmams.wix.com/awards . We would love to meet new published and unpublished writers. As provided in Number 3: We as a group become the auxiliary aid for the many who join our Interior Authors Group.
  5. We have been accepted to promote ourselves in an Author’s Showcase for the Kamloops Adult Learning Society This winter/spring season. We have 9 members presenting readings and have their own books for sale as well as our IAG books for sale at every reading. There are also plans for our writing entertainment with KALS in the upcoming seasons. See the KALS information at www.kals.ca and ask friends and relatives to register for these readings and support the KALS and the IAG. We work hard as volunteer community members.
  6. We are also preparing CBC Radio interviews with Shelley Gordon in terms of KALS. I love these amazing opportunities.
  7. We must not forget to ready our Grant Application for the Kamloops Art Council early. Please assist if you can.
  8. Thank you goes to those participating assistants with Elma at the Visions Farmers Market. Publicity for our paperback copies, Collected Works, Blue River Dark Waters, Away From Home, Kaleidoscope and Black and White, was so very helpful. Engaging actively with passersby was the onus of that marketing assembly and it worked! We sold more books than we ever have albeit with a lowered price.
  9. I hope some of you are prepared to entertain us this evening after the break. Please entertain the guests and the group by doing a reading session and Show Case some of what you are presently working on. It can be prose, poetry or a presentation of your personal profile. If you wish to PRESENT a short 5 minute or so, depending on how many wish to introduction their writing expertise, that would be terrific.
  10. Please fill out the paper provided to assist the president with ordering these presentations. Do not begin filling it out or passing it on, while our Ditty Master speaks.
  11. Jeff Bloom our amazing secretary introduced Dennis in our General Meeting Notes: He wrote: Another fine dittie by the Master of Dittidom:
  12. The Dittie Master: Over the river, but under the bridge, here comes The Master with candy from his fridge.Thanks Jeff for this unique introduction.  Now welcome our Super Ditty-Master, Dennis Robertson.
  13. Break – Please help yourselves to the tea, coffee, water and snacks provided.
  14. May I please have the paper we passed around. May I request the readers at random.
  15. Thank you all for coming and thank you for your thoughtful participation.

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