Interior Authors Group Meeting November 12, 2015

Interior Authors’ Group

November 12, 2015

General Meeting at 6:30 pm Chartwell Ridgepoint,

1789 Primrose Ct. Kamloops, BC

Mission Statement:  To bring together those persons interested in the art of writing, and all its ancillary functions including editing, design, illustrating, publishing and promoting (also e-book formatting.)

  • Welcome to the beginning of an exciting new year.
  • Guests are welcome to come and join in on the fun!
  • New members are also welcome.
  1.  These are the Board Members of Interior Authors Group:   Secretary – Jeff Bloom;  Blog Master – Member at Large – Danielle Petersen;  Welcoming Greeter – Barbara Balle;  Ditty Master Poet Laureate – Dennis Robertson;  Vision’s Farmers Market – Member at Large – Elma Schemenauer;   Treasurer – Janet Miller;   Vice President – Hugh Burton; and President – Fern Hinse
  2. In order to get the hard copies of BLACK AND WHITE: AN ANTHOLOGY set for publishing, we, the submitters must also sign an agreement for publication of those ‘hard copies’. This new book will be copyrighted again by the publisher. Please sign both copies.  Keep one for yourself and  leave the other copy with the Board Member in charge.
  3. We do have a very interesting conflict to do with paying it forward. We need to pay it forward for ourselves (and as Christmas Gifts).  The IslandBlue PRINTORIUM BOOKWORKS has offered a ballpark quote: $650.00 for 100 books.  One delightful member has kindly paid forward $225.00. To put in an order for a box of 100 books, we must pay half of the $650.00. On top of the $250.00, we require another $100.00 just to put in our order for the hard copies and another $325.00 before our 100 new books can be sent to us – making our total owing to be $425.00. It doesn’t look so bad especially if each subscriber (13) of us bought a Christmas Present for ourselves that would take the total down $195.00 and we would still owe $230.00. However, if we each paid forward for 2 books instead of just one for ourselves, all there would be left to pay is $35.00. All we would need is two or three more book sales from other members and our order for Christmas would be all wrapped up!  Can you see how beneficial this would be for us writers?   In terms of ‘operating our group’ our special submissions and work will come to fruition when we sell the last 45 or so books – especially because – we will have generated enough funds to print another book in 2016!  (45 x $15.00 = $675.00).
  4. Our Christmas Social date has changed. The date has changed from the second Thursday (just this once) to December 3, 2015.  We are celebrating one week early for a good cause. We are having our Christmas Social  here at Chartwell RidgePointe at 1789 Primrose Court. Yes, we will begin the celebrations early, but so much better to ring in a New Year with a Flare and be prepared to show the writing world our now envious skills.
  5. A very special thank you goes out to our Treasurer who is providing all of the gifts for the social including door prizes and gifts for special members! She is a very welcome member of our group.  She is not playing Santa Claus but must be applauded as such because what would Christmas be without the gifts of presence?
  6. Another special thank-you goes out to another member, who provided lamination for our posters and in general she is as well our publicity director as well as Visions Farmers Market liaison. She has put together a publicity-debut referring our new e-book and hard copy of Black and White.
  7. The Chef from Chartwell RidgePointe will be preparing a lovely Christmas Dinner, with a Festive Christmas Menu. Do we need an assistant for small adjustments to the Christmas Dinner, or can we affirm some of the attendance and adjustments to the menu here this evening?  The sign-up and/or funds should be taken care of here, if at all possible.  If you are undecided, and need a bit more time, please attempt to reach our Treasurer for your payment ahead of time.
  8. Are there any ideas to make our ‘go-green’ Christmas, memorable? Let’s do a run through and before the Social we will have an exhilarating plan. Any ideas?
  9. Our own Secretary, in his Just For Fun! Presentation, is coming up after the break.
  10. Right now, let us welcome our Super Ditty-Master, who may change our studious interests into something different entirely! Dennis Robertson, the best!
  11. Break
  12.  Our prestigious Secretary is presenting an active writing exercise designed for everyone to break out of their serious writing mode to enter the fun mode that got them interested in writing in the first place. There will be short, quick exercises of five minute duration each, followed by a longer exercise of about ten minutes, followed by some sharing.Here he is to command our November Presentation with Writing Just For Fun!
  13. Thank you all for coming and thank you for your thoughtful participation.

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