Membership Meeting Report – Oct 8, 2015 AGM

Interior Authors’ Group

Oct 8, 2015

Annual General Meeting at Chartwell Ridgepoint

1789 Primrose Ct. Kamloops, BC

Mission Statement:  To bring together those persons interested in the art of writing, and all its ancillary functions including editing, design, illustrating, publishing and promoting (also e-book formatting.)

  1. Welcome to this year-end exciting evening.
  2. These seats for Board Members of Interior Authors Group are necessary to fill. 

    Vice President

    Publicity Member at Large

    Member at Large for Memberships.

    Member at Large to sell IAG books at Vision’s Farmers Market.

  3. The proceeding of our Annual General Meeting begins. 
  4. Decision of the Interior Authors Group—may we introduce the remaining and new Board of Directors: 

    President – Fern Hinse

    Vice President – Hugh Burton

    Secretary – Jeff Bloom

    Treasurer – Janet Miller

    Blog Master – Member at Large – Danielle Petersen

    Vision’s Farmers Market – Member at Large –  Elma Schemenauer

    Welcoming Greeter – Barbara Balle

    Ditty Master Poet Lauriat – Dennis Robertson

  6. Our Christmas Social date has changed.  We are now having our social at our usual place at Chartwell RidgePointe at 1789 Primrose Court, however the date has changed from the second Thursday just this once to December 3, 2015.  We are celebrating one week early for a good cause. 
  7. Jeff Bloom will command our November Presentation with Writing Just For Fun!
  8. Thank you all for coming and thank you for your thoughtful participation.
  9. The AGM meeting adjourns at 8:27 pm.

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