September 10th Interior Authors Group General Meeting

Interior Authors’ Group                                                        Sept 10, 2015

Membership Meeting at Chartwell Ridgepoint, 1738 Primrose Ct. Kamloops, BC

Mission Statement: To bring together those persons interested in the art of writing, and all its ancillary functions                                                     including editing, design, illustrating, publishing and promoting.


In Attendance: _____________________Introduction of Visitors:_______________________

  1. Call to Order: _____ pm
  2. Adoption of Agenda:   Moved by:_______Seconded by:________Carried______
  3. We had the most wonderful Summer Social at Hugh and Pat Burtons home. Our applause and thank you to both of them.
  4. Our e-book is in the final stages of publication! Norm Hamilton is super in helping us and me, a rookie, in regards to our E-book Publication. May I say, that you must prepare a way ‘beforehand’ to buy the new e-book. You could use your own PayPal account (which has your own email and password connected to a bank account number or credit card.) PayPal is a silent bank that collects funds for e-book sales from Amazon and Smashwords and PayPal holds these funds until the funds are transferred into our own IAG bank account (quarterly). It works both ways for sales or purchases.. Go to Amazon and open an account. Use your email as your username and think up and type in a password, and as well, write down in your little black book, your chosen password.
  5. May I request some assistant volunteers to create a POSTER of our Black and White An Anthology and we also need someone to create the imagery for our Interior Authors Group Business Cards featuring your names and of course our Black and White An Anthology. Can I please see a raise of hands?
  6. Setting up a PayPal account can be difficult, however, very beneficial to read cheaply from your IPAD, Reader, or computer. For customer assistance with PayPal you may call 1 888 221 1161 and they will help you get set-up. Keep the customer service number on hand for other reference. Put it in your phone or in your little black book.
  7. We are waiting for our EIN from IRS in order to get published. Once it is published, may I say, we should be ready to acquire access to it. How many of you use e-book readers?

8.  We have Janet McChesney here with us and before I give her the floor, let us see a show of hands of participants for the Authors’ Showcase she is facilitating for us. Please be prepared to tell her how you would like to PRESENT and read and or project, flip chart, etc. Please bring your biography as well as what you would like to read so that Janet will have the best of both ways for introducing the authors. You may read your submissions in our new e-book or anything else you have published. These meeting for the Authors’ Showcase is proposed to be at the North Shore Community Centre. Telephone 250 376 4777 if there is any one you would know who wants to attend, that is the number to call for seating. North Shore Community Centre is at 452 730 Cottonwood Avenue.

Directions: continue through Fortune Drive onto Tranquille Road and watch for 12th Street where you will go left. After passing by Norkam School, go left onto Kenora Road, and go left again onto Cottonwood Avenue. Watch for the North Kamloops Community Centre on your left. Go in with a smile and show off your reading the best way you know how!

9.  I provided an email from Janet: In answer to your questions, Fern, in terms of the Author’s Showcase ‘location’…most, not all – most of the sessions that KALs ( Kamloops Adult Learning society) puts on are at the North Kamloops community center . The timing ( usually about 2 hours with a break half way through the event are pretty standard…but there is nothing to prevent us from having more than one presenter in a 2 hour time period or even a panel of presenters). And we could propose a shorter time period I expect or have two or more presenters and then divide some up into smaller groups to read. There is room for short reads of poetry and/or larger projected stories told. There are many ways to present and PRESENTATION is what this Author’s Showcase is about.

10.  We have a lot of flexibility in how information is presented …we just need to remember our KALS audience is senior adults in the age range of 50-80+ and do something that will draw them in to listen and ask questions and feel their time was well spent. A hand for Janet McChesney our volunteering KALS facilitator. She is one, amazing person who worked for many years at Hewitt Packard in Eastern Canada before moving to Kamloops. Janet McChesney, everyone!

11.  Introducing our Dennis “Ditty Master” Robertson who will regale us with an historically relevant essay/poem.

Break begins: ________ p.m.

12.  I believe you all received the email I requested that Elma (thank you Elma) and I sent out to you regarding another very impressive way of getting known in the writing world. It was Jodie Renner’s Charitable Publication VOICES FROM THE VALLEYS for Doctors Without Borders. If you provide a submission for this book, you will see your name in print and your stories or poems published in a high quality anthology, along with your biography and a small photo on the ‘Contributor’s Page.’ You retain the rights to your stories and poetry as your stories are copyrighted by you. I have emailed to you a LINK to a very impressive blog and another email that you can view and print and see the Author, Publisher Agreement. I have only one copy here of the email with the Publishing Agreement and if you are interested I will pass it out for you to pass on and all to see.

13.  You will please contact Jody on a return email to her, or me at or telephone 250 461 6616 if you have other essays or poetry you wish to publish in this fantastic book. I will point out a few amazing authors that I know have published in regards to BC.

14..Presentation begins: Our rather shortened, but exciting Presentation this evening is by our New Book Author Danielle Pederson. Danielle will command an AMA or questions about almost anything in terms of writing and publishing – from world building to PayPal, and advertising and questions about blogs, etc.

15.  Thank you all for coming and your thoughtful participation.

16.  The meeting adjourns at 8:30 pm.



  1. What time will the meeting start? I live in Vernon and would like to attend/join. Please contact @ Thanks

    • Hi James Osborne,
      Our Interior Authors Group General Meetings are from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. We would love to have you attend as a guest first and hopefully join our group. Thank you for your comments. Our Best, Fern Hinse – President, and IAG members.

    • Hi from me too, James. We met in Summerland & had a little e-mail correspondence since. Would love to see you at the meeting Sept 10.

      • Yes indeed! Good to her from you. Nice surprise. I find that I might have a conflict — Harold Rhenich is scheduled to do a reading from his latest book that same night in Vernon. Sigh! He’s a friend and I want to support him. Keep you posted.

  2. Dennis Robertson

    Hello Fern, my dear friend, I received the meeting notice and yes, I have a ditty prepared for tomorrow and would love to read it to the group. I noticed the meeting announcement does not (or I can’t find it) state the time of the meeting as beginning at 6:30. Might be an idea to put this on the bulletin for any new interested people who want to come and join us. Small oversight but that’s me… picky, picky, picky. See you for a hug on Thursday… at 6:30 Dennis

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