KALS Offers an Authors Showcase Opportunity for IAG Members

The Kamloops Adult Learners Society aims to expand educational opportunities for retired citizens. A volunteer organization, KALS runs one-session taster courses, among others. They have graciously offered Interior Authors Group members the opportunity to present an authors showcase, in some one-session taster courses that take place during the winter of 2015-2016. Taster courses happen on either a weekday morning or afternoon. Each one runs for two hours with a 15-minute break.

Members who are interested in doing the authors showcase could take turns presenting their published work, one member per session or more members depending on circumstances. For example, perhaps two authors who have books about wellness could present together. Two authors who have books for young people—e.g. attendees’ grandchildren—could present together. A panel of authors with works in IAG anthology/anthologies could also present together. Presenters are not paid. However, they may bring books and sell them to interested attendees.

The following is based on info from KALS organizer Janet McChesney.

Presenters` responsibilities would be to:

-Prepare a short one or two paragraph blurb and biography that we hope will interest folks in signing up.

-Prepare a talk, and if interested, prepare a power point slide presentation.

-Present the talk and answer questions.

Room arrangements and advertising will be done by KALS but if they are interested, we might be able to arrange for an exciting radio or newspaper interview for a piece to generate interest in the upcoming talk.

There will be access to a computer and projector if they want to do a slide presentation. A chalkboard or flip chart can also be provided if requested. Actual format of the ‘course’ (about our books) will depend on whether it is one or two authors or a panel of folks presenting together, but all will have an introduction, time to present, maybe do a reading and answer questions, and be thanked for their time.

We would like to find out the interest in this exclusive authors showcasing opportunity.  We are open to any ideas you might have about this series or future ones.

We should do our best in preparation for this as Janet McChesney has agreed to come to the meeting and lead us in our next steps.

If interested, please inform our president, Fern Hinse . We definitely need to know well before and before the September 10 meeting. Janet McChesney of KALS plans to attend that meeting to talk to us about our presentations.


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