Agenda for General Meeting – April 9, 2015

Interior Authors Group

Membership Meeting at Chartwell Ridgepoint, 1738 Primrose Ct. Kamloops, BC

April 9, 2015

Mission Statement:  To bring together those persons interested in the art of writing, and all its ancillary functions including editing, design, illustrating, publishing and promoting.

In Attendance:

Introduction of Visitors:

  1. Call to Order: _____ pm
  2. Adoption of Agenda: Moved by:_______Seconded by:________Carried______
  3. I, Fern Hinse made a huge mistake in the Collected Works 2015 E-book Submission Guidelines. I have to bring it to your astute attention here and now.  The date of the next meeting in May is not May 7/2015The General Meeting ‘is’ May 14/ 2015.
  4. Your e-book submissions will have been returned to the members via email by Fern Hinse. In order to save IAG the cost for paper and ink costs, as well as, the manual labour involved, I, Fern Hinse request that you may print your own (if you feel it is necessary.)

One very important thing to note is that when you receive your submission with your professional edited changes, you must re-save it as another copy to your computer (generally add a ‘1’ or an ‘A’ to your submissions file name) – and only then re-work your copy.  If you make the changes in your email document, and save it there – when you do return it to me it will be the same copy that I sent to you.  I have experienced this difficulty.

So whatever you do, rename your file and save it, even before you print it out.  The finished product (with ‘1’ or ‘A’ on the end of your file name) is what you will return to me in an attachment by May 14th/2015.

Review the edited suggestions made in your submission and if there are  suggestions for you to make in addition, please make them so we can prepare the submissions for inclusion into the new e-book format.  You have until the latest, until the General Meeting on May 14/2015 to re-examine it. However, it would certainly help speed up the process – if you complete it early, you could send it to me early.   May 14/2015 is the final date to return your submissions via email to Fern Hinse. .  Please do not be late in returning your edited and final copy of your submissions.  The deadline is concrete and there will be no changes after that unless it is deemed necessary by the Proof Reader or the E-book Master, Norm Hamilton.

Please inform Fern of any difficulties between this meeting and the next meeting for assistance well prior to  May 14/2015, the date the submissions are to be totally complete.

  1. The Grant Application to Kamloops Arts Council has been handed in by Janet, our efficient and excellent Treasurer – and as well the $110.00 cheque was given from the IAG, as a donation, to the Kamloops Art Council. We applied for a $600.00 grant which will help us immensely.  Let’s keep our hopes up!
  2. Have you had a moment to explore the E-book Cover Page, Danielle?
  3. Our IAG check for $100.00 has been sent to Norm Hamilton for our e-book formatting and publishing assistance.
  4. May I introduce The Ditty Master – our very own Dennis Robinson!
  5. Break begins: ________ p.m.


  1. Break ends. Presentation begins.



For our Exciting Presentation Today, may I introduce our own Vice President Dana Ramstedt  with her entitled presentation,

Finding Your Inner Child

What drives your characters? Why do they behave as they do? Is your child character acting in an age appropriate manner? Discuss and discover ways to answer these questions with Dana Ramstedt. Early Childhood Educator and writer for 20 years.

Award Dana with a cheque for $35.00.


  1. AND next meeting on May 14/2015 we will be welcoming Penny Turko an Educator from Merritt. She will be presenting on Website Design.
  2. Thank you all for your thoughtful participation. Our e-book will be an accomplishment that many Clubs and Authors’ Groups have not begun to explore.
  3. The meeting adjourns at _____ pm.

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