Agenda for General Meeting – March 12, 2015

Interior Authors Group

Membership Meeting

March 12, 2015

Mission Statement:  To bring together those persons interested in the art of writing, and all its ancillary functions including editing, design, illustrating, publishing and promoting.

In Attendance:

Introduction of Visitors:

  1. Call to Order: _____ pm
  2. Adoption of Agenda: Moved by:_______Seconded by:________Carried_______
  3. The New E-book Contributor’s Copyright and Royalty Agreement – and the Collected Works 2015 E-book Submission Guidelines were accepted and passed so to forward our release of the published e-book online.
  4. Danielle, our infamous BlogMaster has some more great PR works planned for the blog including: Installing our Kaleidoscope Cover Page, and listing our Published Author’s and the writings by members of our group – and – she will also introduce our upcoming Presenters and a bit about each of their presentations and at the same time open for view what entertainment and great possibilities we are all pursuing!
  5. Very important to note is Danielle has also planned to publish our Black and White Cover for our new e-book. Thank you, Danielle! Once readied, Fern will send to Norm Hamilton for his examination.
  6. May we applaud Elma for all of her great work sending, receiving and overall keeping us all informed. Thank you Elma.
  7. We have a lot to accomplish this evening. We sign our Copyright Agreement and hand-in our submissions and submission fees –  at the back of the room where Vice President – Dana Ramstedt and Treasurer – Janet Miller are preparing to take the submissions. There are places to initial and precautionary measures to attend to.  Hopefully you will already have provided Fern Hinse a copy of your submission, photos and biography, via email.   Before we begin to complete those signing details, etc . . .
  8. May I introduce The Ditty Master – our own Dennis Robinson!
  9. This time our Copyright Signing and Break are combined, so please line up to hand in your submissions. Break begins: ________ p.m.


Workshop Presentation:

 For our Presentation today, may I introduce ERIN LINN MCMULLAN who will be discussing behind the scenes: writing for the DRAMATIC ARTS, including screen writing, TV, play righting, and radio including a discussion of the basics of each different form, and how to get started and take your work to the next level. If you have a script in progress, or a story you wish to adapt, or even just the inkling of an idea, we’ll get inspired together.  Please welcome ERIN LINN MCMULLAN!

  1. Award Erin with a cheque from IAG.
  2. AND next meeting we will be welcoming Dana Ramstedt our own Vice President, with ‘The Sanctum and the Inner Child’.
  3. Thank you all for your participation – and – Happy St Patrick’s Day Everyone!
  4. The meeting adjourns at _____ pm.

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