Agenda for General Meeting – Feb 12, 2015

Interior Authors Group

Membership Meeting

February 12, 2015

Mission Statement:  To bring together those persons interested in the art of writing, and all its ancillary functions including editing, design, illustrating, publishing and promoting.

In Attendance:

Introduction of Visitors:

  1. Call to Order: 6:35 pm
  2. Adoption of Agenda: Moved by:_______Seconded by:________Carried_______
  3. To do with e-book publication, we have accepted Norm Hamilton to see us through e-book creation and to take us from that point onto releasing the published e-book online.
  4. Are there any other members that would like to sign in a submission in the new e-book?
  5. There was a mistake on the third page of the Revised E-book Guidelines. I did not change the $10.00 to $15.00.  I have rectified the mistake in the paperwork provided.
  6. Are there any questions in terms of the E-book Submission Guidelines?
  7. Very important to note – The Submissions are due and must be handed in here at Chartwell RidgePoint next General Meeting of March 12/2015.
  8. Once our stories are all readied, we must choose a perfect black and white cover-page to suit our submissions. This is on our to-do list.
  9. Once our e-book is published, we plan to create a small hand-book to re-establish the ways to set up an e-book publication. If it turns out, we may also be able to e-publish it.
  10. We now feature Barbara Balle reading her poetry. We will assist with a short review.
  11. Also, we have Elma, who is completing a questionnaire about herself, her writing- and IAG – for a new publication called InFocus on KamloopsBCNow. She needs 3 pictures with permission for the photos.  She has suggested that all members who have published books be invited to bring a copy of their publications to the February 12th meeting where a picture will be taken of the books arranged nicely.  I suggest that the books be given to Elma on the break if not before the meeting and picked up before you leave.  This is very exciting information to add to our portfolios.  Thank you, Elma.
  12. May I introduce The Ditty Master – our own Dennis Robinson!
  13. In lieu of Valentine’s Day – guests were welcomed and please help yourselves to tea, coffee and cookies.
  14. Break: ________ p.m.




Workshop Presentation:

For our Presentation today, may I introduce Michael Markowsky.  Michael captures and expresses his emotions using ‘both’ an author’s and artist’s point of view.  He has taken his travels and research into areas that are unknown to people without aeronautical expertise.  In fact, his travels included places where clouds were viewed in amorphous shapes and imagery.  I won’t tell you how fast he went, nor how he actually “connects”  his authorship and artistry together using time’s changing imageries because here he is.  Please welcome MICHAEL MARKOWSKY!


  1. Award Michael with our Kaleidoscope Collected Works
  2. Don’t forget to take your books from Elma.
  3. Thank you for all coming – and – Happy Valentine’s Everyone!
  4. The meeting adjourns at _____ pm.

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  1. Kay

    Nice outline!

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