Agenda for General Meeting – Jan 8, 2015

Date:  January 8/2015


 IAG Logo



Agenda: Membership Meeting


Mission Statement: To bring together those persons interested in the art of writing, and all its ancillary functions including editing, design, illustrating, publishing and promoting.


Board Present:________________________________

Call to Order at  6:30  p.m.

Adoption of Agenda

Executive Reports: Vice President’s; Secretary; Treasurer; Blog Master; Memberships;  Member at Large: Required book salespersons volunteers at Visions Farmers Market.  President’s Correspondence ; Return letter from Kamloops Arts Council.  A print out of all publications by our fellow members.  Is there an advertisement in Tourism Kamloops Publications? Publishing another Collected Works – plans being set to order. Must hear Patricia Bates and her upcoming presentation about e-book publications.

Ditty Master – Welcome Dennis

  • Break approximately from 7:00 to 7:20

Workshop – Presentation:  7:20 to 8:30 PM

Welcome Patricia Bates

from Crimson Frost Publications E-book Publications

Motion is adjourned 1st   ________ Seconded ________

Meeting adjourned at  8 :30 pm.


Fern Hinse – President –  250 461 6616


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