Christmas Social 2014

Interior Author’s Group – Christmas Social
December 11th/2014 at 6:00
 A Seating and a Delicious Christmas Dinner, (made by Chef – Eugene Dery) . $18.00
Please confirm your seats for dinner and the evening at
Chartwell Ridgepoint 1789 Primrose Court Kamloops BC 
Telephone 250 851 8800
Please contact Fern Hinse 250 461 6616
Two ways to get to Chartwell RidgePoint: 
1st way:
Take Exit 366 on the Trans Canada Highyway West onto Copperhead Drive. 
Follow then to your left onto Copperhead Drive and go quite a ways until you pass over Hugh Allan Drive.
Shortly then, Copperhead turns left onto Aven’s Way and passes over Foxtail Drive
until reaching the T-street of Primrose Court.
Turn left on Primrose Court and you cannot miss Chartwell RidgePoint.
2nd way: 
Off Pacific Way – turn onto Hugh Allan Drive (in behind Costco)
Then turn left onto Copperhead Drive
drive until Copperhead turns left onto Aven’s Way.
Go over Foxtail Drive
Meet Primrose Court at the T and Turn left
You cannot miss Chartwell Ridgepoint! 
Plenty of Parking!! 
Come inside and go left or ask the way to The Theatre Room
There our Christmas Social will begin:
Greetings by Barbara Balle 
Almost open Seating between 6:00 and 6:30.
June Powell and Grandson Matt will play Violin Interludes.
Colleen will say a prayer before dinner.
Dinner is served at 6:30
Santa Claus is dropping in for a visit.
Ditty Master Dennis has a Holiday Filled and Delightful Christmas Ditty prepared to read! 
Eleanor and Dennis have discussed some non-strenuous games to help digest the scrumptious Christmas Dinner.
Your $10.00 gift exchange may be turned into a game!
There is ONE very special gifting to take place! 
Door Prizes to be offered by Janet Miller and Barbara Balle, throughout the evening! 
Please let Fern know you will come to this the Interior Author’s Group Christmas Social before December 4th.  
Chef Eugene, will have to prepare for all of us, so Fern must let him know how many will attend. 
Come and enjoy yourselves and share in the social gatherings of a very intelligent group of writers. 
Peace and Blessings and the Joys of the Season to all!

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