Annual General Meeting Oct 9,2014

Annual General Meeting

Kamloops Art Gallery: Tricia Sellmer Room,

465 Victoria Street

October 9, 2014


6:30pm Call to order and Welcome.

  • In Chair President Donna Ebl
  • Annual General Meeting, as such dues must be paid
  • Voting for new board to commence — in order to vote dues must be paid in full
  • If people do not step forward to take these three positions – President’s Chair, the Vice President’s Chair and the Treasurer’s Chair – the I.A.G. will be closing it’s doors. The people now filling these positions will not be taking chairs in the following year.

8:30 pm Meeting adjourned

President Donna Ebl;


Thank You

Donna J. Ebl President of the Interior Authors Group


1 Comment

  1. Dennis Robertson

    Thank you for the reminder and agenda Donna. I shall be at the meeting to take nominations from the floor for volunteers for the IAG executive board. Of course, I have a short ditty to try to prime the pump of hand raisers. See you there, Dennis

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