Agenda for Jan 9, 2014

Interior Authors Group

– General Meeting


6:30pm  Call to order & Welcome

  • In the Chair: President Donna Ebl and Vice President Lindsay Curry
  • Accept Agenda
  • Thank you to Ted Joslin for his contribution to the I.A.G. from his book sales at the Visions Farmers Market, greatly appreciated.
  • Membership June Powell replacing Elma
  • A few words about Elma she is still doing the research on points of interest for the members Thank you Elma you are a tower of strength.
  • December Social was a great success and fun times were held by all, thank you to Danielle, Lindsay, Tim, Dennis and every one who made this a great social! It was a nice way to end 2013 and welcome in 2014.
  • Costs for Kaleidoscope collected works
  • Ditty by Dennis Robertson our Sunshine Master
  • New Ideas by Blogmaster Danielle Pederson. Handout and Guest Posts.
  • Vice President Lindsay Curry would like to express the need for board members
  • Workshop by Donna Ebl on Publishing a Graphic book (the basics) only if there is time.
  • Break 20 minutes


Publishing a Graphic Book the basics

With questions and answers as we go along and then with extra time after for open questions and answers

  • 8:30pm Meeting Adjourned

Donna J Ebl,


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