Agenda for Thursday Nov 7, 2013

Interior Authors Group

General Meeting


6:30pm Welcome

  • In the Chair: President Donna Ebl
  • Accept Agenda
  • Membership Elma Schemenauer
  • December Social Intro by Vice President Lindsay Curry
  • New Blog Ideas by Blogmaster Danielle Pederson
  • Workshop on e-book formatting by Dana Ramstedt


  • Introduce the new Board members
  • Programmer Tim Wourms in charge of the Visions Farmers Market
  • Advertising for the I.A.G. Needs volunteers for Saturdays only.
  • RSVP to Danielle Pederson for the upcoming December Social
  • Break 20 minutes

Formatting your book for Self-Publishing and

Conversion for E-Book Publication

Bring your laptops to follow Dana step by step on overhead screen.

With questions and answers as we go along and then with extra time after for open questions and answers

  • 8:30pm Meeting Adjourned

Donna J Ebl,


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