And We Have A New Board

At the Annual General Meeting on Oct 10, 2013 a number of positions on the board were filled with new faces as many of the main members of the last board stepped down. Dennis Robertson ran a good election for us. A huge thank you and shout out to those who served so well and did so much work for so many of us. Thank you to Dana Ramstedt past-president, Coco Aders-Weremczuk past-vice president, Tricia Saxby past-blogmaster and to Fern Hinse who is stepping down as treasurer but will fill in and help during the interim until we can get the position filled.

And so the new elected board members are as follows:

Donna Eble – President — email:

Lindsay Curry – Vice President — email:

Danielle Pederson – Blogmaster — email:

Members At Large: Tim Woorms — email: & June Powell

Over the next little while you’ll notice some changes in the blog. Take a look around and we hope to see you at the next meeting!


1 Comment

  1. Dennis Robertson

    Thank you for the kind words and for giving me the board positions with their contact addresses. Good job by all, Dennis

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