April 11 agenda

Hello everyone!
Here is a quick outline for the meeting on April 11th.
Journey from Rough Draft to Published Copy
By: Colleen Vanderhorst
Author of: Cause Me To Know the Way and Seasons of Darkness Transformed into Light
Colleen is a new member and is an animated speaker.
Please bring paper and pen.
Question period.
Meeting adjourned.


  1. Kate Goodman

    Looking forward to my very first meeting!! I am so enthusiastic about your organization, I am still going to attend after having 9 teeth removed the day before! Call me crazy, just can’t miss it or wait a whole month for your next one! I also have a friend who is interested in attending, she will make sure I’m okay. Your speaker, Colleen, sounds like she will give a very entertaining speech. Also looking forward to meeting all of you, won’t be able to speak very well, but that may be a bonus. When the tongue isn’t flapping, the ears pick up much more information!! 🙂

  2. Ann and Randy Diehl

    Hello – I’ve been out of town and this April 4th e-mail is the latest IAG news in my in-box – just wondering if there’s a meeting tonight? Thanks, Ann.

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