October AGM and Blog Review

Good morning,

At our AGM this past Thursday, our new board members were selected, but we still have one empty spot to fill for any of our members who weren’t present at the meeting and are interested in becoming part the IAG board.

Garnet and Tricia did a step-by-step presentation involving our blog and how to navigate from page to page. It’s a wonderful place for members for leave comments and learn what other writers are up to and a great way to access other members blogs and websites via the blogroll.

Remember, our November meeting is on the first Thursday of the month – which is November 3rd. An agenda will soon follow so please watch your inbox for upcoming information.

Have a great day and please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.



  1. Thank you everyone for registering your emails at the meeting. It’s a great way to stay informed and share with all your friends, family and peers!

    • Dana Ramstedt

      HI Garnet,
      Super job on Thursday! This year proves to be full with new skills learned by all.
      I’ll let you know when the books are ready. Coco is preparing a press release and also a slot on Midday. She’ll be in touch with you.
      Thanks for the support.
      Dana Ramstedt

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